Who We Are

VietOEM is a corporation limited company registered in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam with operations in Vietnam and China.

We are specialized in low cost country strategic sourcing solutions for related product & services across different industries targeting to deliver significant cost savings, improve the quality and enhance the service levelperformance based on total cost of ownership and best value for our clients internationally.

Dedicated to flexible and customized sourcing solutions according to your business needs, we are consultants acting as your local one stop sourcing office and we will connect you and Asian suppliers directly through the whole sourcing process with completely transparency, integrity and openness.

We are sourcing professionals with overseas education background and world top enterprises sourcing working experiences in Asia low cost countries. With good awareness of culture and business behavior difference despite of language barriers, we will bridge you and Asian suppliers in a more efficient and effective way target to achieve sustainable cost reduction and best value for money.


Our Principle & Core Value


We work as your sourcing office in Vietnam and China and represent fully your interests and benefits. Our recommendation and advice will be based on the objective data derived from our proven process completely transparent and open for your final decision.
No kickback, commission or any hidden cost from suppliers or any third party.



We are the sourcing expertise with overseas education background and have been working in world top enterprises specializing in low cost country sourcing activities especially Vietnam. We have been through professional sourcing training programs and master the in depth best practice for different sourcing projects management and cost reduction programs.

Trust –Worthy

We believe trust is the only bridge to connect us and clients closely as a starting point and this is always our key value when we conduct any sourcing activities. Your company information and profile will remain strictly confidential with us and a non disclosure agreement will be in place whenever necessary.



We will keep you updated through our sourcing process and ensure your full visibility and governance for the sourcing activities with potential suppliers. Your business transaction will be with awarded suppliers directly without any hidden cost or markup by any 3rd party.



We are open to hear from you and your business needs any time, which may change due to the dynamic markets and business priorities at different development stages. We are dedicated to work accordingly for a customized solution best fit for your business needs to enable you respond and adopt to the market changes more efficient and effectively. Your business needs is and will be always our top priority.


Result oriented

With our pragmatic process and methodology, we will optimize your cost and drive best value for money with measurable target. The saving result is guaranteed and we link our service fee with the saving or business targets achieved. For more information, please Contact Us.


What Makes Us Different

Your Asia Sourcing Office with Guaranteed Result -Full of Visibility and Control.

VietOEM work with our clients closely dedicating to reduce the total cost of ownership and increase competitive advantage through flexible and customised sourcing solutions accor

Professional - Sourcing expertise without kickback, commission or any hidden cost from suppliers or any 3rd parties.

As sourcing expertise, we work as your local sourcing office instead of any middle man or trading agent.  We represent fully your interests and work closely with you through the complete sourcing activities. With our  in depth and broad sourcing best practice across different industries and categories, we are targeting to meet and exceed the expectations from you and your business needs and objectives.

We keep staying neutral among suppliers and ensure best value driven on your behalf by representing fully on your interests. No kickback, commission or any hidden cost from suppliers or any 3rd parties.

We are sourcing professionals dedicated to low cost sourcing services with overseas education and world top enterprises sourcing experiences background. We speak your language and local supplier’s with very good awareness of the culture and business behaviors difference. This LOCAL TO LOCAL approach generally drive more additional value compared with FOREIGN vs. LOCAL approach , especially for the ongoing sustainable cost saving realization and service performance enhancement.


Flexible - Customized Sourcing Solution Based on Your Business Needs.

We will customize the sourcing solution tailored specially for your business needs, which may change from time to time due to the dynamic market and business priorities of your company at different stages.

Our sourcing approach is very flexible aiming to keep your competitive advantage to respond and adapt to the inevitable changing markets quickly.

This would leave you a peaceful mind to focus your core business development with us working to deliver the cost reduction and profit margin maximization for your long term sustainable business growth.


Guaranteed Result - We Represent Fully Your Interests and Guarantee the Results

Benefits from our expertise in low cost sourcing through broad categories and industries sourcing best practice, we can guarantee the result which is always measurable. Unlike common practice of any middle man or trading company, our service fee is linked to the savings or your business target achieved accordingly.


Transparent & Open - Completely Transparent and Open Sourcing Process

Different from any middle men, trading company or agent, you will have full visibility and control through the sourcing process which is completely transparent and open for you, and you will manage your business relationship with Asia awarded suppliers directly with our professional consultant support whenever you need.

Contract will be signed between you and awarded supplier directly and payment will be managed by you to the supplier directly without hidden cost or markup by any 3rd parties.

We will remain tie with you and supplier for further periodic supplier performance review, contract execution communication and other additional service whenever in need.


Low Risks, Effective and Efficient

Instead of blocking you from the suppliers with unclear cost structure or connect you and suppliers directly by leaving you manage the potential risks of quality issues, communication difficulty, delivery or supply inconsistency etc., WE ARE ACTING AS YOUR ONE STOP VIETNAM AND CHINA LOCAL SOURCING OFFICE to drive your cost optimization sustainably, and save your different kinds of costs and valuable time you may have to spend to manage it by yourself or may require if you have a real office locally in Vietnam and China.

Benefits with the systematic sourcing process and low cost country sourcing best practice , our sourcing solutions customized for you are pragmatic, efficient and effective. We have the professional skills and techniques for a wide variety categories across different industries, which will minimize the related supply, operational or administrative risks and  bring you a long term sustainable benefits in terms of cost, quality, and service performance.

This will enable you save more time and cost to focus on your market development and business growth in peaceful mind, and leave us as your sourcing office in Asia with expertise to manage your suppliers according to your special business needs.

Our Capabilities

VietOEM offers fully-integrated supply chain solutions that are tailor-made for companies who are looking for outsourcing manufacturing offshore to Vietnam and China.  From raw material sourcing, component and part contract manufacturing, final assembly to freight forwarding and customs clearance, we as your local business partner in the U.S. offer the one-stop solution that meets your specific need with our global presence.


Long-distance management of multiple suppliers and the inevitable issues that arise during production can be a challenge, we understand the need for quality supply chain management services. With Head Office in Vietnam and offices in China and the United States, we are able to work with our client according to their time zone and provide reliable customer service and clear, on-going communication throughout the order process. More and more US companies are turning to VietOEM to help manage this dynamic, control costs and improve efficiencies. We can streamline your sourcing process, diversify and assist you with your supply chain management, proactively engage suppliers on your behalf, and control the quality of your shipments.

How Does The Our Vertically-Integrated Services Work?


We use design-thinking methodologies to uncover user and market insights to help make informative decisions throughout the entire product-development lifecycle.

Industrial Design

Here at VietOEM our experienced industrial design and product development team understands how to strike the perfect balance between innovation, aesthetics and functionality.

Engineering and Prototyping

Our experienced engineers and skilled technician work with the industrial designers to solve the technical challenges of the product to ensure it looks and functions exactly as it should. Iteration is key to building great products; we build prototype after prototype, not satisfied until the product is perfected.

Manufacturing and Production

We provides turnkey professional services in contract manufacturing which ranges from raw material sourcing, parts and components fabrication and final assembly to the complete system integration. As your Vietnam and China Contract manufacturer, AKA original equipment manufacturing (OEM) supplier, while coordinating with our network of thousands of reliable factories for parts, components and subassemblies, we manufacture and deliver our clients custom-made products according to their quality and quantity specifications. Our team maintains high quality and competitive pricing for all the products we manufacture. Over the course of past two decades, we have built thousands of innovative or standardized products coming from a wide range of industries, such as electronics and computers, hardware and tools, automotive, lighting equipment, building and construction material, machinery, textile and apparel, toys and consumer goods, packaging and more.

Quality Control and Compliance Certificates

Quality control is a mandatory part of the process when importing products from Vietnam and China, regardless of the order volume. We strictly enforce ISO 9001 standard in every single step during our production. We perform due diligence in pre-shipment inspection, in-process inspection and first-article inspection to deliver the final products according to our client’s requirement with guaranteed quality. We also do lab testing and apply for certificates such UL//CE/FCC/RoHS, and etc., on our client’s behalf to ensure meeting the compliance in the corresponding industry.

Logistics Assistance

With offices and staff based directly in Vietnam and China, we are perfectly positioned to support you and your business from the manufacturing to the delivery of your product. Our team of extensive international logistics knowledge will help you organize the entire shipping process and take care of all necessary documentation, guaranteeing that your goods will arrive in the correct quantity at exactly the right time and at the agreed location.