Trade war boogeyman hangs over giant US toy show

[NEW YORK] The US-China trade war has dealt a glancing blow to American toys, hitting putty and arts and crafts items, while sparing superhero action figures, toy cars and most best-selling offerings.

Yet, uncertainty about the trading relationship between Beijing and Washington hangs over this weekend’s Toy Fair, dampening the festive mood amid giant balloon cartoon figures and karaoke cars as some 30,000 industry representatives survey the latest and greatest in play.

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Opportunities for toy manufacturing in Southeast Asia

During last month’s Hong Kong Toy and Games Fair, the Southeast Asia Toy Association (SEATA) hosted its Annual Summit. The event brought together experts from key emerging manufacturing countries in the region including Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and the Philippines.

SEATA was founded three years ago by a group of leading toy brands and retailers including Mattel and LEGO.

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Vietnam makes pitch as an investor safe haven in trade war

HANOI (BLOOMBERG) – A red-hot economy, business-friendly policies and a Communist party led by free-traders: that’s the elevator pitch Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc is delivering to global investors amid the United States-China trade war.

“We are ready to grab the opportunity,” Mr Phuc said in an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Haslinda Amin, a few days before departing this week to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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The US-China trade war hasn’t benefited Vietnam in a ‘big way’ yet, investor says

As the ongoing U.S.-China trade war threatens to dent exports from the world’s two largest economies, analysts have projected that other countries may see Chinese and American demand diverted their way.

Vietnam — and Southeast Asia as a whole — is one of the places most expected to benefit from trade war-inspired buying. According to one investor, however, the profit so far has been slight.

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Supply Chain Shifts from China to Vietnam

Supply chain shifts to Vietnam are gathering momentum, helped by China’s rising labor costs and other factors such as the ongoing US-China trade war.

Businesses with production facilities in China are looking at Vietnam when searching for an alternate manufacturing destination.

Navigating Asia’s geopolitical landscape is difficult for most foreign firms. This is more so when they have to consider moving business activity out of China.

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Trump’s trade war on Chinese goods could hit the toy industry hard

This holiday season, parents may want to throw a few extra toys in their carts.

The U.S. government’s recently announced tariffs on Chinese goods spell trouble for the toy business — and shoppers. The industry might be prepared for this coming winter, because products are mostly finished and prices are set, but next year could be more expensive for manufacturers, retailers and consumers, toy industry experts told MarketWatch.

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Forecast for manufacturing overseas: China vs. Vietnam

Is Vietnam the new China in the manufacturing sector?  The short answer is not yet. But it does have potential to get there in the future.

China’s economy is changing. It has been for a while. While that may shuffle the cards in the country’s manufacturing sector a bit, it also opens up opportunities for countries like Vietnam to move into a position of being a low-cost manufacturing hub.

Capabilities and confidence in Vietnam’s manufacturing sector are growing and many companies are already starting or moving their manufacturing operations to the country. Recent events surrounding new tariffs and the potential of a trade war between the U.S. and China could of course shake things up even more and give more reason to drive manufacturing, at least for certain types of goods, out of China and into Vietnam.

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Vinyl Toys Are Safe

As a parent or a consumer, you may have read or heard reports casting doubt on the safety of soft plastic toys made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or vinyl. Claims have been made that when children suck and chew on soft vinyl toys, such as teethers or pacifiers, they are being exposed to “hazardous materials.” International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI), the worldwide association of the toy industry, along with many other organizations and scientific groups, would like to set the record straight.

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